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"We are building an alternative credit rating platform in Cambodia. We signed a PoC (technology verification) contract with the local Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (PPC Bank) and signed a partnership with Wing Bank. Through this, we have established an alternative credit rating platform for students and workers in Cambodia. “We are developing a credit rating platform and digital financial products.”


Kim Min-jeong, CEO of Crayons Solution/Photo provided by Crayons Solution

Kim Min-jung, CEO of CrePASS Solutions, a company specializing in alternative credit rating, said, “We will contribute to improving financial accessibility not only in Cambodia but also for foreign workers in Korea,” and added, “We plan to expand this to other countries.” 

CrePASS Solution (hereinafter referred to as Crayons) was selected for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)’s Innovative Technology Program (hereinafter referred to as CTS) this year. CTS is a project that improves aid effectiveness by applying innovative ideas and technologies of domestic companies to solve difficult problems in developing countries.

CrePASS is an alternative credit rating company that diversifies credit ratings based on existing financial information. CEO Kim said, “Financial companies are discovering new niche markets and helping consumers have more financial options,” adding, “This is because credit can be evaluated even if there is no or lack of financial transaction history.” Alternative credit rating refers to a method of evaluating an individual's credit rating using 'non-financial information' rather than existing financial information. The following is a Q&A with CEO Kim.

-'Alternative credit evaluation' feels unfamiliar.
▶Existing credit evaluations only used financial information such as income and repayment history. Crayons profiles your credit with alternative data. Patterns are analyzed using various big data such as mobile, social, and web browsers. Through this, trustworthiness is evaluated by finding trustworthy tendencies such as sincerity, consistency, and meticulousness. 

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