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Kim Hyo-jeong, CEO of Crayons Plus, is giving a case presentation at the '2024 Financial Forum' held at the Diamond Hall of the Federation of Korean Industries in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th.[Insight Korea = Reporter Sookyoung Lee] “We will coexist with people who need financial help, such as young people, job seekers, seniors, and foreigners, through an inclusive coexistence solution through alternative credit evaluation.”At the 2024Financial Forum held at the Federation of Korean Industries in Yeouido on the 17th, Kim Hyo-jeong, CEO of Crayons Plus, gave a presentation on the topic of ‘Inclusive win-win finance through alternative credit rating’ and said this.On this day, Insight Korea held the 2024 Financial Forum under the theme of 'Asking the path to win-win finance.' This forum discussed the sustainable win-win finance of financial institutions as the polarization of wealth is deepening and win-win finance has emerged as a global issue.Session Ⅱ CEO Kim Hyo-jeong, who gave a case presentation, introduced Crayons Plus' win-win financial activities. She began by saying, “Crayons Plus has been working to connect finance for people with low to medium credit and young people, and now we want to help make life more convenient for foreigners.”Crayons Plus, established in 2020, is a subsidiary of Crayons Solutions and specializes in personal alternative credit evaluation based on big data. We provide services to improve the situation in which 'thin filers' (people with insufficient financial history), such as young people, housewives, and foreigners, who have insufficient financial transaction history, are excluded from financial services due to lack of financial information.Crayons Plus offers ▲'Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service' that allows installment payments up to 3 months with a limit of 800,000 won, ▲'Youth 5.5', a P2P loan for young people that allows loans of up to 5 million won at an interest rate of 5.5%, and ▲commercial finance. We are leading the way in win-win finance by providing services to accommodate people with low and medium credit through the collaborative P2P loan 'Daily Up' service, which provides mid-interest loans at lower interest rates than the average interest rate of the product.On this day, Crayons Plus introduced a win-win financial solution that can be applied to foreigners staying in Korea beyond those with low to medium credit. This product is a solution that provides innovative credit evaluation that allows foreigners to be trusted and provide credit.Crayons Plus assigns a credit rating based on alternative evaluation scores in the home country and foreigners' payment (remittance) mobile usage information before entering the country and manages credit risk through this.In other words, a virtuous cycle is established in which foreign data is collected abroad, then this data is shared and re-evaluated, and based on this, foreigners can receive financial services domestically.CEO Kim said, “Foreigners staying in Korea need the most money before entering the country and three months after entering the country, but they are unable to use financial institutions because they have no financial history,” adding, “It is difficult for financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies to manage risks. “That’s why we are reluctant to lend to foreigners,” he said, explaining the reason for establishing the solution.According to Crayons Plus, the number of foreigners living in Korea reaches 2.5 million. Accordingly, Crayons Plus plans to launch a solution service targeting foreigners in August of this year and help them use financial services.In particular, the ambition is to expand the economic support ecosystem for young people by targeting young people among foreigners. According to Crayons Plus, 64.2% of foreigners in their 20s or younger have a credit rating of 4 to 6, and 28.3% have a credit rating of 7 to 10. Grades 1 to 3 account for only 7.5%.He said, “Foreigners are important people who must coexist with us in the era of population cliff,” and “If this platform is established, an era of daily finance will open in which foreigners will be able to smoothly use daily financial services such as identity verification and loans in Korea.” “He said.Lastly, he expressed his ambition to “strengthen the provision of services through strong alliances with financial institutions and create a platform for coexistence with foreigners and youth, thereby contributing to social value.”Original Article
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"We are building an alternative credit rating platform in Cambodia. We signed a PoC (technology verification) contract with the local Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (PPC Bank) and signed a partnership with Wing Bank. Through this, we have established an alternative credit rating platform for students and workers in Cambodia. “We are developing a credit rating platform and digital financial products.”Kim Min-jeong, CEO of Crayons Solution/Photo provided by Crayons SolutionKim Min-jung, CEO of CrePASS Solutions, a company specializing in alternative credit rating, said, “We will contribute to improving financial accessibility not only in Cambodia but also for foreign workers in Korea,” and added, “We plan to expand this to other countries.”CrePASS Solution (hereinafter referred to as Crayons) was selected for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)’s Innovative Technology Program (hereinafter referred to as CTS) this year. CTS is a project that improves aid effectiveness by applying innovative ideas and technologies of domestic companies to solve difficult problems in developing countries.CrePASS is an alternative credit rating company that diversifies credit ratings based on existing financial information. CEO Kim said, “Financial companies are discovering new niche markets and helping consumers have more financial options,” adding, “This is because credit can be evaluated even if there is no or lack of financial transaction history.” Alternative credit rating refers to a method of evaluating an individual's credit rating using 'non-financial information' rather than existing financial information. The following is a Q&A with CEO Kim.-'Alternative credit evaluation' feels unfamiliar.▶Existing credit evaluations only used financial information such as income and repayment history. Crayons profiles your credit with alternative data. Patterns are analyzed using various big data such as mobile, social, and web browsers. Through this, trustworthiness is evaluated by finding trustworthy tendencies such as sincerity, consistency, and meticulousness.Original Article


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